Are your circumstances making you feel out of control? 

You want to do something to help yourself, but you don't know what to believe from your Google search results. 

Dr. Tiffany M Smith is a DIYer and has created for you the FREE 30 ways in 30 days DIY mental health rescue toolkit. 

The 30 ways in 30 days DIY mental health rescue toolkit will deliver an email everyday for 30 days with resources and tools to help you get a grip of your circumstances and take back your control. 

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“I was afraid to reach out to speak with a mental health provider because I know they will write prescriptions, but I had to take the chance. I had a fear of being labeled. I had a big fear of being misunderstood.  Luckily, I met Dr. Tiffany Smith and I was pleasantly surprised. She was an advocate for me finding a natural approach to me finding my mental health needs. She listened to me and did not pressure me to take pills. I feel she met me where I was and helped me through my challenges. I am so much better than I imagined after working with Dr. Tiffany. I was in a very dark and sunken place but Dr. Tiffany helped me start by seeing a little bit of light and hanging on to that until I was ready to take the next step.  Now, I feel empowered and equipped to address my mental health. My transformation has empowered me to take steps to share with others the importance of mental health care.”   Trevon C.